August 12, 2020

After being within the walls of my home for the past 5 months, it is so good to be back with my incredible clients, while implementing new practices to keep everyone safe.

If you’ve ever had a session with me, you know that the start of your session, we just get to know each other, and I may start off with some prompts to gauge where you are as a couple. Are you quieter, or reserved? Do you like to engage with the camera? Are you more silly, romantic, quiet, outgoing?

I have one prompt in particular that if you’ve been behind my camera, or been alongside me at any wedding, you know which one I am talking about….. yup, that one ;) 

Every single time, we are all laughing, and it helps my clients open up, to feel comfortable to be themselves, and helps me gauge where to take the session from there. Jamie and Kyle are definitely destined for a lifetime of laughter, Nicholas Sparks twirls under the most perfectly lit tree, and shoulder kisses in the fields.

I am OBSESSING over this whimsical woodsy session filled with light + laughter! Can’t wait for your wedding next summer in Bay Harbor! *squeeeeeeee*

blessings, dayna mae

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