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March 21, 2024

Being a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan is just one of the many hats I’ve worn in the last 15 years. While capturing and being behind a camera for my clients’ most treasured moments gives me life, these little heartbeats below, give me the fuel to capture and savor every moment for my clients fully.

So, why is this Ann Arbor wedding and portrait photographer posting a blog on a random Thursday morning in March?

Well because it’s supposed to be Spring, and I am looking outside, bitter, as I look at the snow on the ground,

Ok, not really… but for a life update

A few weeks back, all social media platforms took a huge crumble down a scary rabbit hole and were offline, for dare I say, *nearly an hour*

and we thought the world was ending.

Well, it got me thinking, I really have no control over what the newest social media platform is… or when and how long it goes off line, or if anyone actually sees my stuff. (does anyone see my stuff?)

So, cue the now nostalgic famous words of Emenim:


THIS BLOG! That’s right, I’m bringing back the blog. In hopes that maybe someday the inner workings of the world wide web will start being nicer to small business owners who actually love what they do so much, they don’t always have the extra time (or hands) to spend hours creating a reel that maybe 6 people will see.

Call me old fashioned, but this space is mine, and I can share what I want, with who & when I want, and I think that’s a pretty beautiful thing.

Much like the images I capture, so be sure to stay updated on here for more work, life updates, and hopefully some spring flowers growing outside my window soon!


Dayna Mae

For your viewing pleasure – here are a few updated pics of our little six-pack –

Me (Dayna Mae), My Hunky Husband (Matt), and our little – and growing up all too fast – kiddos:

Boden (1), Ruby (2.5), Chase (6), Luella (8)

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