To Our Couples Facing COVID: Let This Be Your Reminder…

April 17, 2020

Twenty Tweny.

The year you were supposed to get married, maybe you’ve sent out your save the dates, planned your bachlorette party, or even had invites sent out, or your final dress fitting.

My heart hurts for you, becasue as a small business owner, you invest your heart and soul behind what you do. Every single day. 

You don’t “leave” a job, a wedding, or a shoot.

You leave with new relationships, friendships, and cultivate something beyond just “taking photos” of your clients.

You give, you serve, you are apart of some of the most intimate moments people will ever experience in their lives. To my brides who may be faced with the decision to still walk down the aisle in 2020 as you’d planned, or wait until next year when some of the dust settles, and we start to find our pace again as a new normal. Don’t forget why.⁠

Don’t forget why you said yes to marrying your best friend.⁠
It wasn’t just in the details, the venue, the WEDDING, it was about the rest of your lives.⁠

While I can’t begin to imagine the frustration surrounding all of this for you, I’ve re-scheduled close to 15 weddings already through the COVID pandemic, and I am here for you to help guide, lead, and direct you in any steps leading forward.⁠

So that when you DO make those steps down the aisle, you will be sure that family and loved ones, and yours truly, will be there to capture it, and give you the biggest giant bear hug from tiny little 5 ft me!⁠

Meet one of my sweet couples, Brittany and Austin who recenlty were faced with the decision to reschedule their late June wedding, to May 2021. I asked Brittany if I could share her post on this, and she said absolutely!

“Well, after almost eleven years together and over a year and a half engaged, it looks like Austin & I will be waiting one more year until we are husband and wife. Like so many other couples right now, we have had to make the difficult decision to postpone our 2020 wedding. Although we won’t be getting married in June of this year, we are still so excited to celebrate with our friends and family on our new date – May 1, 2021!

Thank you to our family, friends, and bridal party for supporting us during this process. While this time has been tough, we have felt so much love and support during the last few weeks, and that has made this all a little bit easier.

This awful virus is affecting so many people in different ways and this crisis is so much bigger than us and our wedding. We are comforted knowing we are making the right decision for everyone’s health & well-being at this time. No matter the date on the calendar – we know our wedding day will be filled with so much love. Right now, we are looking forward to another year of being engaged and we can’t wait to celebrate with everyone soon!”

So to the thousands of couples around the globe, faced with this deceision, please lean on your vendors, family, friends, to help you navigate this time. 

Remeber to celebrate the small things, the little moments, and take time to enjoy your engagement through all of this. Remember what brought you first together.  And remember lastly, this pandemic is temporary, your marriage is not!⁠

blessings, dayna mae



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