Lifestyle Generation Portrait Session | Ann Arbor Michigan Photographer

May 15, 2017


the messy, the beautiful, the generations: documented.

These sessions blew my mind with how raw they are looking back on them.

I mean, as a mother, these are the moments I long to be captured for my future grandchildren… and I’m so thrilled with being able to deliver that to these Mother’s from the Mom & Me Lifestyle Mini Sessions in Ann Arbor this past weekend.

Isn’t motherhood, so often times in the unexpected?

The days when you’re at your wits end, and the sweet little voice of the babe you grew comes to your rescue?

Or, maybe screams on the floor for the 100th tantrum of the day.

There is so much life brought into these photos.

Letting go of perfection – the expected – in pursuit of something that looking back, will truly make your heart tick.

I love the ages + stages that were brought to these sessions.

Mamas who are expecting, mama’s who’s hair has turned silver, holding the hand of their most treasured relationship they’ve found in their daughter.

The toddler years, the potty training years, the years of “no” and the years of life wishing to go back to those moments when they first held their baby in their arms.

Ages and stages – all walks of life.

But, that’s what it is…. that’s what these photos capture.


The fragility.

The Beauty.

The Mess

The Journey.

Generations of Motherhood.

blessings, dayna mae



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