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March 6, 2017


I love documenting life stages for my clients.

The “mini” everyday moments are worth capturing – and if your looking for a “reason” to take family photos  – here it is.

These “mini” everyday moments are ever so fleeting.

The first teeth,

boogery noses, and drooly smiles,

the new journey of parenthood,

the milestone birthdays,

the wonder,

the innocent look of childhood, and the natural beauty it creates.

we prepare, we pose, we play –  but its the moments in between that I love.

The moments in between asking your 4 year old to play nice, or the in between moments of when your 14 month old would rather use his shoes as a chew toy, than keep them on.

The moments of laughter from a mother who never gives herself enough credit – and there, for a glimpse, inside she sees how much she is adored, and treasured by her babe.

From first dates, to engagement photos, wedding photos – maternity and baby, I’ve seen several of these families through the “in-between”, the mini, and the milestone moments.

All sacred, all treasured.

All captured, and these mini – in between moments, are sure to be the most treasured, when you start to loose the smell of freshly bathed baby hair, or the feel of soft baby skin snuggled next to yours.

In the milestones of their first breath, first birthday, or first day of school…

Don’t miss the in between moments…

live for them.

Cherish them.

Capture them.

blessings, dayna


Mini Sessions offered select times of year only // beginning at $300.

In home Lifestyle sessions offered year round // beginning at $450.




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