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May 1, 2024

These sessions had me in tears nearly the entire time.


Maybe because I am a mama of four myself.

Or maybe because on the other side of the camera I saw…

The mamas who’s engagements, weddings, and births of their first baby, or birth of them into motherhood I’ve experienced by their side.

The mamas I’ve prayed for that struggled for years with infertility, and the precious bab(ies) that now fill their hands as a reminder of God’s faithfulness (and timing!)

The years of loss, brought to joy in these sessions.

To feel, the pause of the present that a photograph invites…

Maybe the tears behind the camera, are the same they will feel when having these images to look back on.





My goal during these sessions, and what I am asking myself is

“what do I want them (all) to feel when they look at these photos at their graduation, weddings…”

The sticky syrup kisses

The softness of little toes that are learning their first steps

The knuckle indents, the little chicklet first teeth.

The ebbs, and flow of the magical, mundane, everyday ministry of motherhood!

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