Lifestyle Family Session | Nickels Arcade

May 28, 2019

Michigan Family Photographer | Downtown Ann Arbor Lifestyle Portrait Session

As some of you may have heard, Dayna Mae Photography got a new home this spring in the heart of Nickles Arcade Downtown Ann Arbor (a post on that to come realllll soon – stay tuned!) When Mishelle and I first fell in love with the space, we knew it would be something beyond just a “workspace”… It would be a place to dream, create, collaborate, and a place where our clients could feel the magic of the season they are in. Or in this case, the season of some days, tantrums and chaos…

Meet Courtney + Jon, two of my favorite humans on the planet, who walk with the most beautiful journey through adoption, and now, their sweet little daughter Ellianna. This Month they celebrated a year since adopting Elle, and through the tantrums and tears of this session, they let me inside a glimpse of their everyday magic with her. This Lifestyle family session Downtown Ann Arbor at our new Nickles Arcade Space was nothing they hoped it would be, but everything they dreamed it would be once they saw their images. Now, let me be the first to tell you, as a mom, YOU HAVE EXPECTATIONS OF HOW A PHOTOSHOOT should go! (I know, I am both mom + photog) And on this day, for whatever reason, Miss Elle decided she wasn’t too fond of the camera. So we gave her (and mommy and daddy) space… were patient, and for a few split seconds, she (and mommy + daddy) forgot about the camera and let me into what I was really after all along.

FRIENDS – the magic in creating images isn’t in the perfect outfit (though it helps, I mean how amazing do they look?!) It isn’t in everyone acting perfect, or the perfect backdrop…. It’s in allowing yourself to feel the real (even frustrating moments) pushing through, and getting to the connection that will really make your heart come alive no matter what you were wearing, or who behaved or misbehaved.  This is one of my favorite shoots (and most challenging + magical) shoots to date, and it’s no accident that it was my first shoot in our new space!

challenge accepted.

magic created.

connection cultivated.

And a sneak peek into the future of DMP and the simplicity of these studio shoots. 

My heart could not be happier that these two have these images to look back on of this season of life, when a picture says a thousand words…. and so do parents who want to literally nibble toes off because of sassy pants toddler season. But oh my my my, Sweet Little Ellianna, you bring so much joy to these two – there are just no words to the magic you’ve brought to their life.

I can’t wait to get more families in front of my camera in this space to capture YOUR moments! Email me if you’re interested in a lifestyle shoot at the Nickles Space!

Blessings, dayna

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  • Sandy Robinson
    December 22, 2019

    Every bit of this is beautiful. Aliana is actually my granddaughter by birth. So happy my daughter found her the right family.

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