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March 29, 2018


Michigan Family Photographer | In Home Portrait Session | Troy Michigan

After their Waldenwoods wedding two years back, Josh,  Charlene, and their sweet little girl Lekszi invited me into their home to welcome 8 week old baby brother, Warner. This lifestyle portrait session at their home in Troy, Michigan was the sweetest. From the details in the nursery (that dad finished the morning I came, since they just arrived home) to the smiles seeing Lekszi hold Warner for the first time, these still moments are sure to be favorites as Lekszi and Warner grow up. After an unexpected delivery 9 weeks early, Warner + mommy’s birth story is nothing short of a miracle. As Josh and Lekszi were in Florida for his sisters wedding Charlene took a minor tumble down the stairs, to soon find her contractions to being. Upon calling Josh, they called an ambulance, and Josh was able to watch his first little boy be born via emergency c-section, and keep Charlene calm from thousands of miles away. Talk about a birth story!

3lbs at birth, Warner was a fighter and spent the first 6 weeks of his life in NICU- and was welcomed home earlier last week by his new family. Today, Warner is at the 8 week mark, and still a week away from his actual due date!

One of the things I love most about what I do, is seeing my couples homes + heart grow bigger with each year that passes after my wedding. It blesses my heart beyond belief to spend parts of my life capturing moments to make sure they’ll remember theirs.


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