Forever Yours | An Adoption Journey

May 8, 2018

Ann Arbor Michigan Lifestyle Photographer | Michigan Portrait Photographer

“She’s always been yours.” Courtney’s mom said as everyone in the room wiped the tears of joy from their face.

“God made her just for you.” she continued to say…

Not only was everyone in the room moved by the contagious smile of sweet little Eliana Emery, but because everyone in that room, in that moment, had played a part in this journey for Courtney and Jon.

A journey that was many years in the making, and one that can be traced back to the faithfulness of God through the blueprint He laid out for them.

A journey that I had the chance not only to photograph in the midst of, but to be intertwined in prayer, and moved in such a way that I was reminded how incredible our God is.

From the beginning it was their faith that moved mountains leading up to this moment when the walked out of the courtroom for the first time with  Eliana Emery Robbins.

This courthouse adoption in Ann Arbor,  Michigan was sealed with blue skies, gusts of wind, and countless hearts that would forever be changed by one little girl they forever will call theirs.


I could write a book about these two, how wonderful they are, how supportive their families have been, and their patience in the process.

The process of trusting… of waiting…. trusting the process, through His Promise for them.

And now, His Promise for her.

For the little girl that will never know a mommy and daddy beyond these two.

A little girl that will always know how chosen, how loved she is.

As they raise her in the home they prayed for her mother, wherever and whoever she was, that someday she would bring her to them, and Eliana Emery would be forever theirs.

{read more about the start of their journey here.}

blessings, dayna mae

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