Ann Arbor Mini Sessions | Wasem’s Fruit Farm

October 25, 2017

Fall Mini Sessions | Ann Arbor Lifestyle Portrait Session

If you are like 90% of the families, couples + clients I’ve interacted with in the past 7 years of running a portrait driven business, maybe you can identify with one, or all of the following sentences:

“Maybe when I loose 10 pounds”

“Our kids are too old for photos with us”

“We don’t have kids – and my husband and I are just awkward in front of the camera”

“I hate having my picture taken”

“We usually just have someone snap an iPhone photo for our Holiday cards”

“Your photos must be of perfect families, my kids would never interact like that”

“We are…

too busy,

too tired,

too tight,

have too much going on,

for photos right now.”

Sound Familiar?

I heard each one of these families identify or say at least one of the above sentences,  and look:

Look at the moments, the laughter, the oneness, the -not-take-a-selfie-with-your-iPhone and your child’s forced grin photo….

Look what these beautiful, raw, REAL LIFE families gave me to document.


Where else can you wake up with rain pouring down, and show up with every client eager, ready + fully trusting you to create what only you can in the soggy grass, fully embracing the potential for grass stains + sore faces from laughter.

A job where facing dangers such as raw hot dogs + mushy apples being thrown at your face to trust and embrace the fact that the best, most unforced smiles + laughter come from putting yourself on the line, and dodging bullets….. or in this case, raw hot dog(gie) treats + musy apples.

These Fall Mini Sessions took place at the most perfect apple orchard near Ann Arbor, Michigan and truly captured the essence of a Lifestyle Portrait Session.

Gimmie all the families, all the people who hate being in front of the camera, all the awkward – but perfect – in between childhood + adult teethy smiles, apple chucking, and tummy chuckling, the toddler tantrums + baby chub.

Gimmie all of that and,

I promise to give you something back.

Something you’ll treasure when that next stage

you may or may not be ready for,

comes knocking on your door.


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