The Process + The Promise // The Heartbeat of Adoption

November 2, 2016

This story isn’t the easiest to write, but from it, some of the most raw, real and emotional work of mine emerged to the surface, and from it,  I feel the heartbeat of adoption can be heard.  Which all started with Jon and Courtney, being willing to out of humility and vulnerability, share their story…

After a heartbreaking mis-carriage, and complications there after, Jon and Courtney felt a pull in the direction of adoption. We captured the next chapter of their story, as a reminder to never doubt on the dark days, that which was once spoken to them by The Author of light.  The process of adoption can take on a roller coaster of emotional days, but with their One Constant Rock being in The Lord, they know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, His Promise will be fulfilled in the process. They know Him personally as Redeemer, and that He would restore that which was lost from them, and continue to believe they will be able to conceive their own children someday.

First, let me start with saying that the hearts that Jon and Courtney have, are one of a kind.

Their passion, their love, stems from a place of knowing God intimately, and trusting Him through the process and His Promise. From walking in their house, and hearing a glimpse inside their story – I felt for a moment, like it was mine. The way they opened up, and the way Jon’s heart prayed for the mother of the child the would be adopting, made me pause, as Courtney’s agreed.

The prayed for the mom that would carry their child.

They prayed she would know it was them, she’d entrust to raise the baby she spent the last 9 months growing.

They prayed her story wouldn’t cause her pain.

They prayed for peace, a full term healthy pregnancy, and that The Lord would soon cross her story with theirs.

I am so thankful for their journey, as I know we will soon be able to rejoice with them, as they bring their baby home.

blessings, dayna


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  • Colleen
    November 2, 2016

    So beautifully written and wonderfully captured, Dayna! They are an amazing couple!❤️

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